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About Us

The primary goals of Innovate Arkansas, a program of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and Winrock International, are to encourage technology-based innovations and create jobs in Arkansas.

As Arkansas competes for employment opportunities in an information-driven age, Innovate Arkansas works with new, technology-based entrepreneurs as they work to turn new inventions and high-tech service concepts into viable commercial enterprises. As a result, Arkansas benefits from an increase in higher-paying jobs and better opportunities for its college-educated youth.

Creating Arkansas Jobs by Taking Ideas to Market

A state's economic well-being depends on its ability to grow its knowledge-based assets: its own people and their ability to attain the education and skill levels to compete globally. As whole economic regions become susceptible to the exodus of industries and jobs that are attracted to other locations, it is important for Arkansas to constantly innovate, and to grow indigenous firms that diversify its economy.

Innovate Arkansas identifies new technology products and services; helps entrepreneurs and inventors with business start-up and financial support needs; and mentors them as they become commercial enterprises. Innovate Arkansas recruits throughout Arkansas, making these crucial services available for new technology entrepreneurs wherever they are located.

How to Become an Innovate Arkansas Client

For potential clients to participate in Innovate Arkansas:

  • The client must be located in Arkansas
  • The companies created must have the potential to provide Arkansas jobs with wage bases of at least 150 percent of the current Arkansas individual per capita income

(Learn more about Innovate Arkansas clients, and learn how to become an Innovate Arkansas client.)

Here to Help, Wherever Innovation Lies

Innovate Arkansas also will work closely with existing Arkansas university research centers to assist technology innovations already identified, providing business and financial support.

No matter where viable new technology concepts are located – at large throughout the state, in universities or within businesses as unused, "on-the-shelf" concepts – Innovate Arkansas stands ready to help turn technology-based innovations into viable enterprises and increase employment in Arkansas.

Contact Innovate Arkansas

For more information contact:
Innovate Arkansas
Winrock International
2101 Riverfront Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202
Telephone: (501) 280-3021
Fax: (501) 280-3094

Make a general inquiry, or meet our Innovate Arkansas staff, strategic partners and program sponsors.

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