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Vivione Biosciences | RAPID-B Technology

Vivione Biosciences

Vivione Biosciences is powered by RAPID-B technology, an integrated system of hardware, software and wetware that tests bacteria in key environments.

Our mission is to revolutionize the clinical and medical fields, food and industrial safety, water safety and biodefense by utilizing one compact, universal platform for all diagnostic testing that can be used for bacteria, viruses and toxins.

Taking the place of outdated culture-based, immunology-based and molecular-based methods that take countless hours and many times, days, RAPID-B provides more accurate results for each of these fields in minutes to a few hours.

Our technology has combined flow cytometry with our own proprietary reagents to achieve a single cell detection capability in minutes. Unlike culture-based methods, the RAPID-B system does not require isolation of bacteria. It works with the background interference from complex matrices like food.  


  • Life Sciences
  • Biotechnology

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