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Acumen Holdings | Ecommerce and Online Technology

Acumen Brands

Acumen Brands is an aggressive Arkansas startup operated by three young entrepreneurs with delusions of grandeur: a physician who quit practicing medicine the day he finished seven exhausting years of training, a lawyer who only keeps his law license in order to get friends out of speeding tickets, and an injury prone professional golfer who is unquestionably the nicest human being in the world.

Nobody is over 40, but we have built and sold multiple businesses with total revenue exceeding $50 million. Our experience is eclectic: we built our first ecommerce store in 1995 to sell quiz bowl questions to high schools; we used a pay-per-click arbitrage scheme to quietly accumulate over 1 percent of Google's partner revenue at the time of Google's IPO; and we pioneered the field of retail shopper marketing while sitting at the nexus of Procter & Gamble and Wal-Mart.


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