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IA Clients

Innovate Arkansas is working with these cutting edge technology-based innovators and entrepreneurs to create indigenous industries and businesses that will diversify and grow Arkansas' economy.

Learn how to become an Innovate Arkansas client, and meet our existing clients below.

Latest News

  • Cyber Monday Sales Still On Top, But Losing Some Luster

    Retailers are rolling out online deals on so-called "Cyber Monday." But now that shoppers are online all the time anyway, the 10-year-old shopping holiday is losing some of its luster.

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  • Countries, Investors Pledge Billions for Clean Energy Tech

    Government and business leaders are banking on clean energy technology to fight global warming, kicking off this week’s high-stakes climate change negotiations by pledging billions of dollars to research and develop a technical fix to the planet’s climate woes.

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  • How to Start Up Your Startup (J. Ann Dorsey Expert Advice)

    There are many things that go into starting a new company, and too often new companies fail before they even get started. This isn’t to say that your idea isn’t brilliant, but there are a lot of steps between a great idea and a viable business, and any of those steps can be a fatal pitfall. Good advice and knowledgeable professional assistance can go a long way in helping you make it from point A to point B

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  • Update: Tech Park, Richard Mays Settle on Price

    The board will pay Mays $1.037 million for the 10,000-SF property, with both sides agreeing to drop law suits. It met late Tuesday afternoon and voted to extend the offer which Mays accepted.

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