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Become a Client

For potential clients to participate in Innovate Arkansas:

  •     The client must be located in Arkansas
  •     The companies created must provide Arkansas jobs with wage bases of at least 150 percent of the current Arkansas individual per capita income

Three Easy Steps

Because Innovate Arkansas uses Gust to manage our submission process, the first step for a potential client to make is to log in to Gust as an entrepreneur. Complete the application, and submit it. Please include as much information as possible; the application can be saved and modified as needed. You may also contact the Innovate Arkansas team with any questions that may arise during the submission process or if you would like to receive a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to submitting that application.

After you have submitted your application and any pertinent documents, the Innovate Arkansas team will review your information and contact you with further questions or to schedule a meeting. If Innovate Arkansas determines that the enterprise fits the requirements as indicated above, a client agreement will be offered to the potential client.

When Innovate Arkansas receives the signed client agreement, the commercial enterprise will then be considered an Innovate Arkansas client.

Innovate Arkansas Client Benefits

Benefits of becoming an Innovate Arkansas client are numerous.

 Technical Services:

  •     Technology product assessments
  •     Market feasibility analysis
  •     Intellectual property advice
  •     Commercialization strategies
  •     Business plan development
  •     Coaching and mentoring assistance
  •     Product and concept valuation

 Financial Services:

  •     Enhanced links to existing capital resources
  •     Early stage investment advice
  •     Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) application assistance
  •     Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) application assistance
  •     Federal, state and local grant assistance
  •     Second- and third-stage financing assistance

 On-the-Shelf Intellectual Property Development:

  •     Identification of on-the-shelf IP
  •     Negotiation of control of on-the-shelf IP
  •     Matching on-the-shelf IP with serial entrepreneurs
  •     On-the-shelf IP development
  •     Use of Winrock International’s IP professional network for general IP questions

Meet Innovate Arkansas Clients

Learn more about how Innovate Arkansas works with clients, meet Innovate Arkansas clients and read client testimonials.

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